British Christmas Music for Children Choir

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Composer: Britten, Benjamin / Rutter, John / Willcocks, David Valentine
Interpreten: Corrado Cavalli, organ / Federica Mancini, harp / Artemusica Children Choir / Debora Bria, conductor
Organs: A. Nava (1902); I. Marzi (1996) Chiesa della Natività di Maria Vergine Piobesi Torinese, Torino, Italy & Chiesa di San Pietro in Vincoli Castagnole Piemonte, Torino, Italy
EAN: 8051770160243
CD, Gesamtspielzeit: 67:50
Label: Elegia


Born within the early middle-age liturgical environment, the white vocals choir will remain for a long time in the most important European musical centres. His peculiarity had always been not to distinguish between the pedagogical and the musical aspects. It’s well known that often was choir director’s responsibility to provide education and sustenance to his pupils. The great tradition of the cantor child within England’s cathedrals formed few of the greatest composers of their times as they begin their apprenticeship as singers in white vocals choirs. Names like W. Byrd, member of royal chapel for 5 years, O. Gibbons, C. Tye, P. Phillips, cantors of St. Paul’s cathedral in London. After Puritans decline cathedrals choirs reflourished in 1660 with Charles the 2nd restoration and peaked with Purcell and Handel. This tradition is still alive nowadays and as happened at the time lots of great composer now still move their first steps into music trough white vocals choirs, following the example of Orlando di Lasso, J. S. Bach, J. Haydn.
The unique timbre of white vocals has surely seduced the imagination of lots of 20th century composers. It’s not anymore a mere substitution of female vocals but the use of an instrument with different timbre and dynamics. Musicians as the eclectic Benjamin Britten consecrated to them well-know pages as the Ceremony of Carols, another homage to the English culture, till the majestic War Requiem, witnessing a tradition that trough the centuries never lost prestige and cultural value.

Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)
CEREMONY OF CAROLS OP. 28 for Children choir and harp

1. Procession (Hodie)    
2. Wolkum yole    
3. There is no Rose    
4. That yonge Child
5. Balulalow    
6. As dew in Aprille    
7. This little Babe
8. Interlude (for harp)    
9. In freezing winter night    
10. Spring Carol
11. Deo Gracias    
12. Recession (Hodie)    

MISSA BREVIS OP. 63 for Children choir and organ

13. Kyrie
14. Gloria
15. Sanctus - Benedictus
16. Agnus Dei    
17. Prelude and Fugue on a theme of Vittoria for organ

John Rutter (1945)

18. The Lord bless you and keep you    
19. Star Carol for Children choir and organ    
20. Toccata in Seven for organ
21. In Dulci Jubilo for Children choir
22. Angelus and Virginem    
23. Coventry Carol
24. Personent Hodie for Children choir and harp

Sir David Valentine Willcocks (1919)

25. The first Nowell for Children choir and organ