Emmelkamp, Bernard - I himmelen

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Komponist: Emmelkamp, Bernard
ISMN: 979-0-2612-4892-1
geheftet, 24 Seiten
Verlag: Cantando

Three pieces for organ


  • Hevenu shalom Alechem - Jeg blir så glad når jeg ser deg
  • Pulpit Rock - Preikestolen
  • In heaven above - I himmelen, i himmelen (Norwegian Folk Song)

Hevenu shalom Alechem - Jeg blir så glad når jeg ser deg
"In the adaptation of ‘Hevenu shalom Alechem’ I used traditional composition and created a happy atmosphere with, among other things, parts of the melody and quick arpeggio chords before you hear the melody on the pedal. Then the beginning repeats itself and you get a finale where I continue to play with arpeggio chords and end with the last part of the melody so that everyone knows that it's over. "

Pulpit Rock - Preikestolen
"'The Pulpit Rock' is program music, and depicts, among other things, the ascent with fast movements that go up slowly (to the pulpit). Here I use techniques that are common in minimal music. Afterwards I use the melody" Kor stort min Gud at eg ditt barn får vera "with parallel impressionistic movements while I look at Stavanger and the nature from a fantastic point of view. These parallel movements give a wondering feeling. Then I meet the birds, and eventually reach the pulpit while I use the same melody again, even more intense, and then I create tension afterwards while still on the pulpit. Then I go down again. Everyone who listens to the piece is encouraged to use their own imagination."

In heaven, in heaven
"No one knows what it's like in Heaven. I imagined that there is no prejudice. That we live with different cultures and where nothing is locked in thoughts of taste and pleasure. Therefore, I thought it was nice to think differently. I was preoccupied with "In Heaven" and then got the idea not to use minor chords. I only used major chords that give a more open sound. It also gives a mysterious effect. It required a different way of thinking, and I used a lot of creativity.creativity."

Bernard Emmelkamp