Giuseppe Gherardeschi - Complete organ music

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Interpret: Andrea Vannucchi
EAN: 0754436592454
CD, Gesamtspielzeit: 69:28
Label: Elegia

Giosuè Agati (1820), Venue, Limite sull’Arno (Firenze), Italia
Pietro Agati (1797), Venue, Vignole di Quarrata (Pistoia), Italia
Pietro Agati (1789), Venue, Bargi, Camugnano (Bologna), Italia
Organo Cesare Romani (1587), Pietro Agati (1776), Giosuè e Nicomede Agati (1824), Luigi e Cesare Tronci (1856), Venue, Gavinana, San Marcello Pistoiese (Pistoia), Italia

Giuseppe Gherardeschi was born in Pistoia November 3rd, 1759. He was baptized the day after in the baptistery of his own Cathedral, where his father was maestro di cappella at least since 1775 and where he was appointed organist from 1755 to 1771. Giuseppe learnt the first principle of music from his own father and from his uncle Filippo Maria, pupil of Padre Martini in Bologna. This background was completed in Naples at the famous Conservatorio della Pietà detta de’ Turchini as a student of its director school Nicola Sala (1713-1801), a pupil of Leonardo Leo and renowned teacher with pupils like Giacomo Tritto and Gaspare Spontini. Back in Pistoia, Giuseppe was appointed organist at Madonna dell’Umiltà church where, in 1783, probably during his duty, the organbuilders Tronci built an organ inside a monumental six-seventeenth case. In 1785 he was admitted as first soprano in the Cathedral chapel and, at the same time, as a substitute of his father, who was the director, but suffered from physical impotence. With his father’s death, in 1800, he became the holder maestro di cappella until he passed away. He died in Pistoia August 6th, 1815.


Organo G. Agati (1820), Limite sull'Arno (FI)
Per Offertorio [in re maggiore] P. I, 4
Per Elevazione [in re maggiore] P. I, 5
Per il Postcomunio [in re maggiore] P. I, 6
Tre Versetti solenni
 Offertorio [in do maggiore] P. I, 7

Organo P. Agati (1797), Vignole di Quarrata (PT)
 Elevazione [in do maggiore] P. I, 8
 Postcomunio [in do maggiore] P. I, 9
 Rondò [in sol maggiore] P. IV, I
Tre Versetti concertati
Cantabile per il Traverso solo con Clarone nei bassi P. IV, 3
Postcomunio. Rondò P. IV, 2
Elevazione [in Elafà] P. X

Organo P. Agati (1789), Bargi (BO)
 Pastorale [I] P. XII, 1
Pastorale [II] P. XII, 2
Per Benedizione P. I, 2
Per Benedizione P. I, 1

Organo C. Romani, 1587; P. Agati, 1776; G. e N. Agati, 1824; L. e C. Tronci, 1856, Gavinana (PT)
Offertorio [in Bfà] P. IX
Tre Versetti per il Gloria (dalla Messa in Elafà)
Andantino per Benedizione P. VII, 22
[Fuga] P. XIII
Avanti il Tantum Ergo P. I, 3
Sonata per organo a guisa di banda militare che suona una marcia P. III