Hoybye, John - Celebrate All Heaven And Earth

Artikelnummer: 979-0-2612-2845-9

Kategorie: Chor 4- und mehrstimmig

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Komponist: John Hoybye
ISMN: 979-0-2612-2845-9
geheftet, 43 Seiten
Verlag: Cantando

A Christmas Suite for mixed choir and Piano

Aus dem Vorwort:
Celebrate, All Heaven and Earth begins with bells calling to prepare for the birth of
Jesus – a tradition that goes back to medieval times (Hear the Bells A-Ringing).
The purpose of the birth (God is Coming Down to Save Mankind) is followed by the
annunciation to Mary and a response to the good news (Welcome, Advent, World
Reborn). At the birth the whole universe rejoices (Celebrate, All Heaven and Earth)
before the suite changes character to accommodate the shepherds’ perspective of
the event (God, What a Wonderful Sight). A reprise of the joyful bells follows before
the work closes with the epiphany of the magi and the prospect to Easter (Christmas,
Easter, Both Are One).
The suite is scored for Mixed Choir and Piano with the possibility of added Bass and
Percussion. It is estimated to last 17 minutes.


  • Hear the Bells A-Ringing
  • God is Coming Down to Save Mankind
  • Welcome, Advent, World Reborn
  • Celebrate, All Heaven and Earth
  • God, What a Wonderful Sight!
  • Hear the Bells A-Ringing (reprise of no. 1)
  • Christmas, Easter, Both Are One