Padre Davide da Bergamo - Organ symphonies vol.2

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Interpret: Luca Scandali
Instrument: Fratelli Serassi op. 384 (1821), Venue, Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, Caluso, Italia
CD, Gesamtspielzeit: 64:47
Label: Elegia

After the great success gained by the first volume, Elegia publishes the second one of the complete collection of Padre Davide da Bergamo’s organ symphonies. He is one of the most emblematic composers of the first period of Risorgimento and his knowledge is still confined almost exclusively to the organ field. Since the first listening these pieces deserve a prominent place in the instrumental repertoire of the Italian nineteenth century, nowadays overshadowed by Bellini, Donizetti and Verdi’s melodramas. From these authors Padre Davide often took inspiration for his symphonies, in which it is possible to perceive an overwhelming atmosphere, that contributes to render the listening extremely pleasant. For this CD, that includes very rich works under the timbre profile as the brilliant Sinfonia con trombe e fagotti obbligati e risposte in Eco, Luca Scandali decided to use the great organ built by Fratelli Serassi in 1821 for Santa Maria Assunta in Caluso: this is a contemporary instrument of Padre Davide that adds authenticity to the performance.


  • Sinfonia in Re Maggiore
  • Sinfonia in Re Maggiore
  • Sinfonia in Re Maggiore
  • Sinfonia in Mi Maggiore
  • Sinfonia in Do minore
  • Sinfonia in Re Maggiore
  • Gran Sinfonia in Re Maggiore